“Organic” Sea Salt…


To clear up some of the confusion on this recent fiasco, there were some companies that recently started paying organic certifying agencies to increase the perceived value…

perceived value
What someone believes merchandise to be worth. To successfully sell premiums, the consumer must be convinced the proposed premium is worth putting forth the extra effort required to earn the item.
…of their products, the only problem is that the term “organic”…
  1. of, relating to, or derived from living matter.
    “organic soils”
    synonyms: livingliveanimatebiologicalbiotic More

of or relating to a bodily organ or organs.

…connotates living organisms not MINERAL DEPOSITS, to expand the definition of Organic without any conversation is an unforgivable breach of what is acceptable.  This should have never been attempted by the salt companies in the first place as it was ill advised but it was even more egregious on the part of people that should have known better those being the organic certifying parties…

Now, sea salt has been given a designation as Organically approved, which means that it can’t alter or effect the organicness of an organic recipe. 


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