Pink Slime


I stopped eating fast food burgers several years ago because I could tell that they were putting something new into the meat to prevent people from getting e coli bacteria and dying.  It wasn’t like fast food “beef” didn’t already have enough preservatives in it.  I am more sensitive than most people and after eating it my bowels would stop moving and when I eventually did have a movement the smell was atrocious and not a healthy movement at all.  It just wasn’t worth eating it anymore.  I knew instinctively that they were putting a new preservative in the meat and it was bad news.

Interestingly, Ammonia is one of the chemicals that Dr. Oz says you shouldn’t even have in your house because it causes cells to prematurely age. It has gotten to the point where it is not even food.  It doesn’t nourish you, it kills you.  It is food like.  Wild animals are smart enough not to eat it, why aren’t we?  This isn’t something we demanded or requested, this is something that is being crammed down our throats by big business and lobbyists.

Fast food is supposed to be food that can be prepared and enjoyed quickly, not food that speeds you on your way to the grave.



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