Southern France: Organic Farms Struggle Through Recession

Globe Drifting

The challenges of organic farming in rural France

Organic farming is the cultivation of land without the use of artificial fertilizers and involves green manure, crop rotation and compost or in the case of pastoral farming, the rearing of livestock in natural open environments free from chemicals, genetic modification or genetic breeding. The employment of green manure and compost provides a sustainable mode of farming the land that prevents the build-up of toxic waste; crop rotation not only ensures land is re-usable and not exhausted from intensive farming but also enriches soil and prevents flooding, whilst the lack of artificial pesticides, chemicals and animal medicines involved limit the potential of produce to be cancerous and significantly reduce acid rain and pollution; in short, the benefits of organic farming to human health, the water cycle and the ecosystem are multifarious.

However, the recession continues to deepen its destructive roots in countries throughout…

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