A Brief Report on the Effects of the Spagyric Elixir of Fennel

Enter Alchemy


Its unlikely that I will give a report on the effects of all of the elixirs and alchemical products that I prepare. However, if any of them have a substantial effect, I feel it necessary to inform the readers of this blog.

This morning I completed my fennel elixir, which is ruled by Mercury and connected to the throat/thyroid. I was particularly looking forward to try this preparation, as fennel is said to have medical properties beneficial in the areas of digestion and bronchodilation (opening of the bronchial tubes – enhancing breathing).


Unfortunately for me, I suffer from mild asthma, and am quite often very short of breath. I also awoke with a rather upset stomach, likely an effect of the St. Patrick’s day celebratory imbibing of alcohol and unhealthy food last night. Well, after taking 30 drops of the elixir in distilled water, I was surprised to find that…

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