The Unhealthy Assassins

Big Jew on a Diet

Unhealthy assassins: n. Unhealthy foods which pretend to be healthy – the sneaky snacks! 

It’s a tough world out there for food obsessed fatties. 90% of my day involves me avoiding stuffing my face with oily, sweet, buttery, salty food… and that’s a good day! One negative comment at work and hello binge binge city bitch.

I usually successfully avoid eating the unhealthy originals… chocolate, sweets, cream, crisps… I know better not to gorge on them. However, just to make things more difficult for fatties like me, there are HUNDREDS of foods which are JUST AS BAD for us, but dress themselves up as healthy. The sneaky moms.

What’s a girl to do? I’m not going to spend the rest of my days eating celery and salsa… that’s no life to live.

Here are a few unhealthy assassins:

Frozen Yoghurt or Froyo

Froyo…. I mean… it has the word yogurt…

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