Dr. Mohammed Oz Roasted by the Senate and Jon Oliver


Mohammed Cengiz Öz (Turkish: [mehˈmet dʒenˈɟiz øz]; born June 11, 1960), also known as Dr. Oz, is a Turkish-American[N 1] cardiothoracic surgeonauthor, and television personality.

Oz first appeared on the The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004, and later on Larry King Live and other TV programs. In 2009, The Dr. Oz Show, a daily television program focusing on medical issues and personal health was launched by Winfrey’s Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures.[1]


Mohammed Oz was born in ClevelandOhio, to Suna and Mustafa Öz, who had emigrated from Konya Province,Turkey.[2][3] Mustafa Öz was born in Bozkır, a small town in central Turkey. Mustafa Öz earned scholarships that allowed him to emigrate to the United States as a medical resident in 1955. Suna Öz (née Atabay), who comes from a wealthyİstanbul family, is the daughter of a pharmacist with Shapsug descent on her mother’s side. He has two sisters, Seval Oz and Nazlim Oz.[3]

-Paraphrased from Wikipedia

He opens with a little snark and Levity:

00:40 “I am encouraged that the U.S. Senate has chosen to prioritize this criminal enterprise.”

00:41 It’s not easy being America’s Doctor! “I am forced to defend my reputation every single day.”  right, that is the issue, you are an American Doctor…

00:41 But he’s not making it easy either. “I accept the responsibility for this, that the passionate language I used to describe these products was used as fodder for these unethical advertisements.” yes, you are hated for your passion…and I am sure you didn’t make any money on it either….

00:43  “They’re stealing my name!”  that happens sometimes when people quote your words. 

00:45.  “a private sector-funded bounty”  LET’S GO GET THE REAL BAD GUYS, I AM SPARTACUS,  FORM A CIRCLE AROUND ME.

01:08.  Senator quotes dr. Oz“You may think magic is make-believe, but this little bean has scientists saying they’ve found the magic weight loss cure for every body type. It’s green coffee extract”  “I’ve got the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat. It’s raspberry ketone,” “Garcinia cambogia: It may be the simple solution you’ve been looking for to bust your body fat for good.”  Responds to his quotes “ “You’re very talented and you’re obviously very bright. You’ve been trained in science-based medicine … I don’t get why you need to say this stuff when you know it’s not true.”

01:09 “Why would you cheapen your show by saying things like that.” Like a money-grubbing prostitute…

1:10 “It is remarkably complex to figure out what works for most people in a dietary program.” maybe you should seek another profession.

01:11 “I’ve been criticized for having people come on my show to talk about the power of prayer.” (tacit appeal to the faithful)  Maybe you should say a prayer right now.

01:11 McCaskill  “It’s hard to buy prayer,”  “Prayer’s free.”  Are you selling prayer Mohammed?

01:12  “My show is about hope.”


01:12  “I actually do personally believe in the items that I talk about on my show. I passionately study them.”  Proof that emotional science is bad science?

You can read the rest of the transcript here.  The commentary above is mine I only included the quotes directly from the senate.


and jon oliver famously roasted him on his show, see below.









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